2017, Casalborgone, Italy; HD video (color, sound), 17:00 min.

On a solo journey through Europe, Anais spends the day in the Italian countryside exploring the local scenery and herself.

SYNOPSIS: A surrealist psychological adventure, ‘Pluck’ follows a twentysomething English woman, Anais, who’s traveling alone through Europe on a journey of self-discovery, searching for answers through sexuality and spirituality. Staying in the Italian countryside in a castle, now a hotel, she’s drawn to Thiago, a young escort of an older woman. As she spends the day wandering, she explores the village and herself.

DIRECTOR'S NOTE: Believing there needs to be more films by women for women, I wrote 'Pluck' to create a cathartic surrealist journey that takes into question society and reality. Examining cinematic storytelling, the film shows the inner and exterior worlds of Anais to reveal the multiple levels of reality by which we live, while using Italy’s cultural landscape to investigate Westerns fetishization of traveling for self-discovery, while giving a voice to female sexuality outside of morality, examining the female erotic gaze and cinemas innate voyeurism.

PRODUCTION: MONFILMFEST, Immagina, associazione di cinema e arte varia, Casalborgone, Italy and ORGONE Production, USA




FLEUR WACKETT:  Fleur is an English actress, artist, and poet based in Paris who was born in Surrey, England in 1990. Attracted early on in life to the arts, she started attending ‘Hurst Lodge’ performing arts school from the age of 6. She studied under the teachings of  RAD in contemporary and classical dance, later studying acting, she took examinations under LAMDA to advanced level ‘excelling’ with Honors and Distinction. She moved to Paris to follow her passion to work with international and experimental director, where she has starred in numerous music videos, and continues to act in short and feature films, including 2013 award winning   short 'Lethe’ by Harald Hutter.




MIGUEL NUNES: Miguel is a Portuguese actor known for his work in international acclaimed art house cinema and Portuguese television. Born in Lisbon in 1988. He began his long acting career at age of 12, with a role in a television show "Dear Teacher."  Continuing to act ever since, he later studied acting at Lisbon Theatre and Film School and won the best promising actor in 2011 at Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival. He's been in multiple films including Teresa Villaverde's "Swan," João Pedro Rodrigues "Morning of Saint Anthony's Day." He most recently starred in Ivo M. Ferreira's “Letters From War," which premiered at Berlinale Film Festival 2015.