Mavi Phillips is an artist, filmmaker, photographer, and curator who creates cathartic surrealist journeys that take into question society and reality. Her work intermixes photography, performance, experimental ethnography and narrative cinema to translates investigations into the identity of female sexuality, the interrelationship of spirituality, sexuality, and transcendence; and the borders created by society that define normality and reality. Born in Portland, Maine in 1987, she obtained her BFA in Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she studied Social Sciences and Media Theory at Eugene Lang, New School for Media Studies, and New School for Social Research. She went on to study filmmaking at EICAR in Paris, where she lived for a few years before returning to New York.

An autonomous filmmaker, Phillips writes, directs, and produces her own international films under her company Orgone Productions. She makes surrealist ethno-fictions and experimental narrative films, often blurring the two. She has produced these films in France, Morocco, Hungary, Italy, and the USA.

Her performance work focuses on an ongoing project to document her life, and life itself, through photos and writing, shown in large scale prints in exhibitions and books. Using herself as a cathartic tool, she seeks to reveal the borders of society and inspire viewers to discover something within and without.

Phillips uses her passion for storytelling and image making to develop commissioned content, collaborating with brands, companies, musicians, and editorial platforms. A passionate cinesaste, she runs a screening and dinner series in collaboration with This Place. Phillips started the series to create a place to share the films that inspire her own work and create further excitement for the works produced at Orgone Productions.



Realizing the absurd by blending and obscuring fact and fiction, cinematic and experimental, her works are contemporary ethnography surveys that look at different cultures in relation to her own experience, combined with heavy research, to examine innate universal behaviors.  She seeks to stimulate an awareness that society is forever wavering, subjective to culture and time, and to be conscious of this ephemerality, while creating cathartic experiences that release repressed desires and emotions. Exposing the realm of the intimate, often delving herself into the extreme, she asks viewers to discover something more primal and true within and without.



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