Moving Portrait - 2016, New York, USA



I wanted to create a fictional space that shows something greater about her love of creation and her impeccable, natural air for style. Realizing the absurd by blending and obscuring fact/fiction, cinematic/experimental, the short film uses visceral sounds and images to evoke viewers through all their senses, hoping to enter viewers’ subconscious. With my work, I seek to depict transcendental states and expose the realm of the intimate. This is shown here through the act of self reflection found in private spaces, in particular, the sacred space of taking a bath. I hope through this juxtaposition of ideas, viewers will discover something more primal and true, within and without, becoming aware of the subjectivity of reality and discovering their own truth about the world. The short film is further inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s bathrooms, Michelangelo Antonioni’s psychological interior spaces that reflected his characters own state of mind, and Peter Greenaway’s reinterpretation of the everyday in ’26 bathrooms.’



Art direction, Director, + Cinematography - Mavi Phillips
Gaffer - Frankie Galland
Stylist - Chelsea Netzband
Editing - Mavi Phillips + Terry Barensten