Video, Photography, and Other Media

Seeking to directly investigate the body in relation to cultural notions and psychical space, my practice began with filming myself in transcendental performances, a process that still remains at the base of my practice, but is now also translated through the filming of others, whether fiction or nonfiction, in addition to various mediums and forms.  

My work seeks to create cathartic experiences that ask viewers to discover something within and without, hoping to push the boundaries of myself and viewers to unearth repressed emotions and levels of consciousness that reconnect viewers with their inner, truer self. The content of my work continues to investigate the cultural identity of the female, especially in regards to sexuality, and the interrelationship of sexuality, spirituality and transcendence,  engaging my own experience in relationship to heavy research to provoke discussions that push the borders of society and question the subjectivity of reality.  


Stills from:
'String' and 'Plastic' (2009)
'Red' and 'Blue (2009)
'Kitchen Tools' (2010)
'Just a little off the top' (2010)
'I Did So You Did, You Did So I Didn't' (2011)

Photos from:
'Auto-portraits' (Ongoing)