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The Mirror That Fell To Earth



2016, Mohacs, Hungary. HD video (color, sound), 18:00 min.

In a dystopian future, a mysterious electronic buzz lingers throughout a desolate town; few roam the street, while a group of men in white fur wander.

SYNOPSIS: In the dystopian future, a natural disaster has occurred within a small town, leaving the fields and women barren, while a mysterious electronic buzz lingers. Only few roam the streets, while a group of men in white fur wander. Intertwining fiction and nonfiction, ‘The Mirror that Fell to Earth' transports the Hungarian Busójárás Festival into a fictionalized end of the world. The weeklong fertility festival is a time to act outside of moral standards, where women are chased down and humped by men in furry costume for fertility-magic. The origin story of the festival is divided between a ceremony to scare away father winter, a fertility ritual, and  a legend from the Ottoman War. Highlighting this shifting subjectivity of reality and documentary, the film replaces this setting with a fictionalized unknown disaster, the incessant buzzing suggesting technology’s take over, which leaves the fields and women barren. The masked men born out of panic.


DIRECTOR'S NOTE: Believing that by studying one culture one can shed light on humanity as a whole, and in turn reveal our universality, the film celebrates the viral spirit of the Busójárás festival, a liberal time to act outside of moral codes. The film intertwines modes of surrealism, ethnography, and narrative cinema, merging intimate footage from the festival with a fictional story, in hopes the slippage between these worlds will open a wider discourse around the nature of humanity, questioning the borders of society, such as the subjectivity of reality, transcendence as an innate universal trait, and ideas of normality surrounding sexuality.