Edition of Womyn (1 of 3)

Edition of Womyn (1 of 3)


A series of three editions are for sale of work from my ongoing project to document my life and life itself. With everything going on in America right now, I want to put out work that can serve as inspiration and motivation for women.

The project uses myself as a cathartic material and tool, while engaging the world around me, through my constant taking of photos with a 35mm point and shoot, a free and constant act. In addition, I collect writing from the overheard, conversations and dreams. I then intertwine these photos, and text, to create groups and series that become the final works to exploit deeper meaning. The series are intended in a specific order to enter viewers into a cathartic experience, hoping this will allow viewers transference for a deeper understanding of oneself. 


Using this multilayered process, I seek to blur reality/fiction, intimate/public, cinematic/documentary, art/life, to generate an awareness of the subjectivity of reality and media, to reveal the intimate to break down borders of society and taboos, particularly around sexuality, transcendence, and normality, while highlighting the illusive absurdity of life in its inevitable journey to death. Above all, I hope these works will inspire women to find their own strength within and incite in everyone the freedom to be themselves.


Each image and text is printed at 5” x 7”.


10 % of proceeds will go to planned parenthood.

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