It's About You But Only in a Minor Way

It's About You But Only in a Minor Way


"Every child at play behaves like a writer, to the extent that he is creating a world of his own invention - or, rather, arranging this world to his own liking... He plays seriously. It is not seriousness that conflicts with play, but reality." - S. Freud



A part of an on-going project of documenting my life with a point-and-shoot, 'Its About You But Only in a Minor Way'  interweaves a curation of photos text made up of fragments from the overheard, dairy entries, and dreams.  The end result is a surrealist travelogue and expedition of Phillips's life that plays with notions of storytelling while engaging an ethnography survey of contemporary society. The book is one part of an ongoing series in Phillip's constant attempt to use herself to document her life and the illusiveness of life itself.

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In seeing reality as purely subjective, the book opens with a quote from Kristeva that expands on psychoanalysis, whose practice is based on helping one replace their own version (i.e. fantasy) of reality with a healthy one. Neither and both are true. We all live our own fantasy - does it matter whether if it fits into the conforms of others if it aids our life?

The photos are pure investigations of body, self and the absurdity of life. Intended as gesture of my subconscious, like the purity of painting, which perhaps documents my own unhinging from reality. Capturing those fleeting thoughts and emotions that navigate my anxieties and daydreams, where other worlds, stories, theories exist behind the mundanity of the everyday. Searching for the subliminal messages life is trying to tell us, if only we take a moment to study it. They are adventures that challenge me to live out my fantasies, as I constantly question the borders of reality, society and normality.

The writing is a continuation of this confusion between my own dreams and what is surrounding me, the sensation when you have awoken in the morning and the line between your dream and life are blurred. Finding transcendental states of being that only exist in dreams, where animate objects come alive, depicting those ever-changing interrelations of art and life, art and cultural anthropology, fantasy and reality.