'Peach Series' from 'Vanitas With Self-Portrait" 2017

'Peach Series' from 'Vanitas With Self-Portrait" 2017


Phillips’s performance art practice is routed in an ongoing documentation of her life, and life itself, with a 35mm point-and-shoot. The project is at once a surrealist travelogue of her life, while simultaneously an ethnographic survey of society that plays with notions of storytelling. She uses herself as a material and tool, while engaging the world around her, through constantly taking photos, a free and constant act, like automatic drawing. She then intertwines these photos to create series that further exploit meaning; often adding writing collected in a similar manner, from the overheard dreams, and conversation.

Using herself as a cathartic tool, she hopes her work will act like transference found in psychoanalysis, where one tells stories, listing interaction, dreams, and thoughts, in order to obtain a deeper understanding of oneself, causing viewers to discover something more primal and true, within and without. For this reason, the series are made up of groups of photos and sometimes text, each group is consider a ‘work.’ The series are displayed in exhibitions and printed matter where each work is intended for a specific order and compositions either mounted to the wall in large format prints or in the layout of a book. This juxtaposition of images is meant to enter viewers into a cathartic experience, exposing the intimate of the artist’s life intermixed with the intimate lives of strangers in order to break down taboos.

Through this process, Phillips hopes the work will reveal universal banalities and fantasticalities that connect humanity. Phillip's work often revolves around intertwining intimate moments with herself, boyfriend, and family, in order to push the boundaries of society. Using a multilayered process, she seeks to blur reality/fiction, intimate/public, cinematic/documentary, art/life, to generate an awareness of the subjectivity of reality and media, reveal the intimate to breakdown taboos, particularly around female sexuality, transcendence, and normality, while highlighting the illusive absurdity of life in its inevitable journey to death.



'Group #3' from series 'You have a vagina like your mom, I'm Sorry'

(four C-prints at 20"x 30")






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