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Orgone Productions


A multifaceted production company, Orgone Prouductions was started by Mavi Phillips as the home for her international narrative and ethnofictions films and commissioned content. Orgone Productions creates international productions that focus on a female perspective and sociopolitical topics, hoping to unveil humanities universality through exposing cultural phenomena.

Through photography and video content, the works juxtapose opposing extremes, fiction/nonfiction, cinematic/ethnographic, stylized/mundane, sociopolitical/fashion. They are bold, unique and powerful visual and sensual experiences that push the boundaries of society and reality to relay information in unexpected ways to awaken and enrich viewers.


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    In collaboration with art event organizer This Place, Mavi Phillips runs a film + dinner series focused on making art house and experimental cinema more inclusive. Phillips started the series to create a place to share the films that inspire her own work that she creates through Orgone Productions, focusing the curation on surrealist stories of female sexuality and explorations into humanities' universality. The evening involves an intimate screening followed by a 3 course sit down dinner with a facilitated discussion lead by Mavi Phillips. The series aims to encourage curiosity and raise engagement with the film as strangers are brought together at long dining tables. In turn, Phillips hopes to educate viewers on the way she makes her own films and create further excitement for the works produced at Orgone Productions. Past films shown at the cineclub have included 'The Lickerish Quartet' by Radley Metzger 'The Nude Vampire' by Jean Rollin, 'Jubilee' by Derek Jarman, and 'The Exterminating Angel' by Luis Bunuel.

    *** The next Orgone Cineclub will be in March 2017 at Kinfolk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check back or join the mailing list for details.***


    "Orgone Cineclub presents an atmosphere where guests are encouraged to interact with strangers—in a world where a majority of our daily human connection is digital, it feels totally unique and stimulating". - Greenpointers


    "The cineclub has been a great way to speak directly with viewers about concepts and issues that excite me, while I help guide them through a cathartic experiences that melds art and knowledge."  - Mavi Phillips


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