‘FLORAL and Fauna’

Photo and Video Look Book - 2015, New York, USA

New York based leather accessories brand Earth_Trauma

A collaboration between myself and Earth_Trauma, a uni-sex accesories brand, the film and photo series pays homage to female surrealist artist Claude Cahun whose work sought to break down gender roles. Cahun is known for photographing herself in various clothes to constantly transform her identity, showing freedom of expression, and perhaps, the possible freedom of our own identity. In its structure, the film takes inspiration from early experimental films such as Man Ray’s ‘The Mysterious Chateau of Dice’ and Frans Zwartes ‘Visual Training,’ evoking their non-traditional storytelling and visceral images. The film is also accompanied by a photo series that I’ve attached in a pdf. The four photos capture each scene, creating vibrant cinematic frames that combine an uncanny, stylized aesthetic with the naturalism of documentary, inspired by the likes of Martin Parr and Guy Bourdin.

Art direction - Mavi Phillips + Lauren Kathe
Photography, Cinematography - Mavi Phillips
Editing - Mavi Phillips + Brain Agamie
Hair - Kimberly Wyma
Models - Brian Agamie, Devin Morris, Felicia Rose, Gianni Castillo
Music - Semper Nox